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Vimana Tech

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Who We Are

Vimana Tech was founded in 2019 with a vision to create and assemble technology for value. 

Consisting of an experienced interdisciplinary team, we leverage our diverse skillset to create valuable technology solutions across a broad range of industries.

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Our Innovative Solutions

Vimana Tech have created innovative technology solutions across a broad range of industries

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Theft Prevention

Proximity Pal

The Proximity Pal is a proprietary technology solution aimed at keeping people safe and employed with a wearable or placeable device that ensures compliance with social distancing regulations.

Purple Hive Project

The Purple Hive project is an initiative from Bega Cheese Limited, founded to protect Australia's bee and honey industry from the destructive Varroa mite.

Retail Theft Prevention

Vimana Tech is using ethical AI to detect and prevent theft in retail environments. Utilising existing CCTV infrastructure, our software solution analyses video feeds to detect suspicious behaviour and alert staff in real-time.


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