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Purple Hive Project

No Nonsense Technology

Developing and deploying artificial intelligence infrastructure

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Who We Are

Vimana Tech is the embodiment of its founders - fun, innovative lunatics who have pushed technology boundaries around the globe and solar system and now are focused on their own backyard - Australia.

Taking what is technically ‘possible’ and making it a reality.  

Naively but successfully Vimana Tech has developed a range of ‘infrastructure tools’ that make inventing solutions actually possible and using them seamless without technical experience. 

Vimana Tech’s goal is to see technology consumerised, without barrier to entry, excite the inventor in everyone and empower people to succeed. 

Vimana Tech is proud to support Parsy and Conc. 

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A Strong Foundation For A Strong Future


All Your Data Simplified

End-End platform that ingests all your data for; NLP (Natural Language Processing), CV (Computer Vision), ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Inteligence) to best understand and draw insights, cutting through the noise and giving you actionable insights.


Concrete Cloud

Robust plug & play IoT devices. Our devices are out-of-the-box ready and connected to the cloud.

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Use Cases

Vimana Tech have created innovative technology solutions across a broad range of industries.
In order to be an end-end provider we provide both physical hardware and cloud integration.

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Retail AI

Proximity Pal

The Proximity Pal is a proprietary technology solution aimed at keeping people safe and employed with a wearable or placeable device that ensures compliance with social distancing regulations.

Purple Hive Project

The Purple Hive project is an initiative from Bega Cheese Limited, founded to protect Australia's bee and honey industry from the destructive Varroa mite.

Retail Theft Prevention

Vimana Tech is using ethical AI to detect and prevent theft in retail environments. Utilising existing CCTV infrastructure, our software solution analyses video feeds to detect suspicious behaviour and alert staff in real-time.

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Working Together




Australian Antarctic Program




Australian Government


Amazon Web Services

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AWS Innovation Ambassador



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Trakka Systems

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Duet Electronics

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